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National Fibre Cement Boards

 Fingerplywood Industries Limited is one of the oldest plywood manufacturing companies in the country. A pioneer in the plywood business, NPIL realized the growing need for more sustainable and technologically advanced alternative building materials, for which we have introduced Fingerply Fibre Cement Boards.

Manufactured in Thailand, Fingerply Fibre Cement Boards (NFCB) are made of high-quality Portland cement compressed with natural fibres using cutting edge autoclave technology. Our product is elegant, lightweight and highly durable – making it the perfect base for architecture, construction and decorative applications. Easy-to-install, with high load bearing capacity, resistance to moisture, fire, extreme weather conditions, mold, termites, impact and shrinking, Fingerply Fibre Cement Boards are suitable for a wide range of applications from ceilings to floors, partitions to wet areas, interior linings to exterior cladding, and more.

National Fibre Cement Boards are also available in the form of planks (siding). These planks have all the advantages of National Fibre Cement Boards with the added benefits of their realistic wood texture and availability in a multitude of aesthetically pleasing colors. These planks have the look of real wood with the feel of cement – making them perfect wood plank substitutes with higher sustainability, strength and flexibility.

Available in boards of 8’x4’ with thicknesses ranging from 3.5MM to 35MM, and in planks of 9’x0.5’ with a thickness of 8MM, our product can be offered in both natural color and painted forms.