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Block Boards

Block boards, comprising a core of strips of hardwood within a hardwood frame sandwiched between two or more layers of veneers on either side, are known for their extraordinary strength, dimensional stability and durability. With their immense load bearing capacity, lightweight nature and low bendability, block boards are perfect for furniture building as in tables, shelves, cabinets and benches, and in vertical applications such as wardrobes, doors, panels, partitions, etc.

National’s block boards are composed of seasoned 100% Meghalaya pinewood or hardwood at the core, with superior quality face veneer from the Dipterocarpacae and Shorea assamica species of timber. Manufactured using similarly rigorous standards and processes as our plywood, our block boards are available in two grades – BWP and MR, in thicknesses ranging from 16 to 32mm.