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Flush Doors

Doors are not only essential for privacy and security, but form integral parts of the structure and design of a space. Doors need to be durable, impenetrable, resistant to water, insects and extreme weather conditions and must not change their shape, or warp, over time.

A flush door, named so because of its smooth, seamless surface, is composed of a pre-fixed timber frame (comprising horizontal rails and vertical stiles) with a solid block board type core sandwiched between two or more layers of veneer on either side. The door is then covered with decorative face veneer for aesthetic value.

With a solid core construction and built to last – National Flush Doors are manufactured with rigorous standards of wear and tear. National Flush Doors have immaculate design, structural strength and superb dimensional stability.Our doors stand the test of time.

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Distinctive Features of National Flush Doors

  • Made of carefully selected tropical hardwood veneers, and seasoned & chemically treated mature hardwood frames and Meghalaya pinewood fillers
  • Bonded with BWP grade PF resin containing glue-line preservatives, with triple preservative treatment for protection against insects and microorganisms
  • Chemically treated and vacuum pressed to make them both heat and water resistant
  • Dimensionally accurate and stable, minimizing chances of gaps, warps and twists even in extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to both install and maintain – making them highly economical in the long term
    • Superbly durable with a high screw holding capability
    • Specially reinforced lock area (“lock block”) on both sides for maximum security
    • Bespoke sizes on a made-to-order basis as per project requirements
    • Available in standard thicknesses of 25mm to 45mm.
    • Can be customized in-factory with pre-laminated, pre-veneered as well as non-decorative finish